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New York Rehabilitation
I must say this rehab really has made incredible improvements in the last few years. The facility is very clean, there are bright colors, the facilities and even thee programs available.
, New York Dec 4, 2011

Thanks to New York Rehabilitation
I've been there many times and always had the best care. The nurses and doctors have great bedside manner and are always prompt in helping the patient.
, New York, NY, USA Jun 6, 2012

Very Effective Rehabilitation
My mother needed rehabilitation twice and after considering other nursing homes in New York, I chose New York Rehabilitation both times. The nursing staff was friendly and attentive, her room was comfortable, and the food was abundant and tasty. In fact, the servings were so generous she usually couldn't finish her meal. The rehabilitation effective, and she left New York Rehabilitation with new skills for coping with her medical conditions. I was very happy with her care and recommend this facility.
, New York Dec 21, 2011

Best Rehab Facility
I found New York Rehabilitation to be the best nursing and rehabilitation facility in New York. My mother-in-law was placed there twice. The doctors, nurses and the rehab folks treated her like a princess. She liked the food too! I recommend New York Rehabilitation.
, New York, NY, USA Feb 13, 2012

Good Administration
My experience at New York Rehabilitation was very good. The front office personnels were very friendly, nurses and employees appear to have good rapport with each other. What impressed me was the way they relate to the Administrator in Charge, open and happy.
, New York, NY, USA Jan 23, 2012

New York Rehabilitation is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.